Technical Information

Output: 520 to 540 Watt

Weight: 33.5 kg

Dimension: 2256 × 1133 × 35mm (With Frame)

Cable Length: 4 mm² ,350 mm


ZNShine Solar 10BB HALF-CELL Bifacial Light-Weight Double Glass Monocrystalline PERC PV Module

  • Bifacial Technology: Enables additional energy harvesting from the rear side (up to 25%)
  • Better Weak Illumination Response: More power output in weak light condition, such as haze and cloudy
  • Excellent cells efficiency: Even after 30 years our solar panel keeps at least 80% of its initial power output
  • Anti PID: Limited power degradation caused by PID effect is guaranteed under the strict testing condition for mass production
  • High wind and snow resistance: 5400 Pa snow load / 2400 Pa wind load

12 years product warranty
30 years output warranty

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Bifacial Half Cells-Light Double Glass

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